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our services

Advisory work / Counselling

Within the limits of the possibilities available to the association, DIHEG counsels its members and also non-members in regard to all end-of-life issues and in difficult circumstances of life.


DIHEG is a militant self-determination, autonomy and dignity help-to-live and right-to-die association, and fights internationally for “the last human right” on a legal and political level. Members have access to the services of DIHEG and show their solidarity with others who care for freedom of choice in life and at the end of life.

Suicide and suicide-attempt prevention

The predominant number of suicide attempts fails – with severe consequences. Also, suicide is still a taboo. DIHEG engages in education, clarification of facts and prophylaxis of suicide-attempts.

Patient’s Instructions

Also called Advance Directive, Advance Decisions to refuse treatment or Living Will. For the duration of their membership, DIHEG supplies its members with legally effective Patient’s Instructions basing on Swiss law. These must be respected by doctors and hospital nursing staff.

Accompanied suicide

In case of an illness which will lead inevitably to death, unendurable pain or an unendurable disability, DIHEG can arrange, on reasoned request and medical proof, for its members the possibility of an accompanied suicide.

Our Mission and History

We are committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health services for all. With a history rooted in kindness, the mission and values we were founded upon remain the same today.

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